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Christmas in Barbados: Three Bajan Holiday Traditions

Beach chairs on the beach

On the surface, Christmas in Barbados looks a lot like any other time of the year, as we are blessed with fantastic weather and sunny beaches year round. But just like many other parts of the world, Bajans have many traditions for Christmastime as it is an important holiday with significant cultural and religious meaning. It is a time for families and friends to socialise with many loved ones dropping by on Christmas Day to partake in the Christmas feast. Read on to learn more about how to enjoy Christmas, Bajan-style!

Enjoy great cake

Baking traditional Christmas cakes has two benefits: eating them, and having your home smell as delicious on Christmas Day as a traditional household would. Both reasons are equally important for an authentic experience. In Barbados, our most important Christmas cake is great cake, also known as black cake, and is packed with rum, currants, raisins and prunes, giving it a distinctive taste. For an even stronger flavour, many people will soak the fruits in rum for several days, weeks or even months before baking at Christmas. It’s a wonderful dessert to enjoy after the big Christmas feast of ham, turkey, macaroni pie, sweet potato pie, rice and peas, all washed down with a glass of sorrel.

Christmas Pick-down

Bajans ‘pick-down’ their houses in the days and weeks leading up to Christmas Day. It is the Bajan equivalent of spring cleaning, and this ‘picking down’ refers to an intensive cleaning of not just the interior of our homes, but the exterior and surroundings too. Don’t be surprised if while traversing the island you suddenly see everyone simultaneously power-washing their homes or all mowing their lawns at the same time. Inside the homes, the process is even more rigorous. Walls are scrubbed, furniture must be varnished, ornaments and wedding china are thoroughly washed, cushions and mattresses are put outside to sun dry, windowpanes are polished and old curtains are replaced with new ones, after hemming and ironing them if necessary. In times past, many Bajans would even put down fresh white marl in front of their houses as it made the house look fresh and bright, and possibly also to resemble snow!

Dress to the nines and walk in the park

Another important Christmas tradition, especially for those who live in or around the capital Bridgetown, is walking through Queen’s Park after church on Christmas morning. This informal promenade is made even more special by the fact that many Bajans treat it as an event in and of itself, using the opportunity to turn up in their very best outfits. Indeed, some dapper Bajans even have their outfits made specially for it!

There are other ways to celebrate Christmas as a local would – for instance by attending Christmas Eve Midnight mass, or heading to the city to buy curtains or throwing out old appliances/tired furniture and replacing them with the new. However you enjoy the holidays, it’s most important to remember that it’s meant to be a time of joy, peace and happiness. 

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